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New pattern delays due to health issues

Hi all,

Just popping in to say Hi!

I had a heart attack last Thursday 5th January and also have urosepsis.
I was very sick Thursday will fever of 41.9 degrees Celsius, shaking uncontrollably, vomiting both ends, and chills. 🤒

I was taken to ED by ambulance and was put onto strong antibiotics and fluids. Strong pain medication didn’t work, so I was pretty wiped out. Blood tests daily so I feel like a pincushion, and lots of great nurses and doctors looking after me.

Thankfully, Monday after being transferred to another hospital for an angiogram, I didn’t need to get any stents. I do however have some calcification on my arteries which they’ll monitor.

I’m on enforced rest, got my legs up so I don’t have any bleeding from my femoral artery, that they cut to do the surgery.
I’m happy I’m home now after 4 days in hospital. I can’t sew for a while which sucks, but grateful to be alive.

I had huge plans to release more patterns this month but that’s on hold until I’m better.

In the meantime I’d love anyone who hasn’t already, request to join my Facebook pattern group Nancy Stroop Patterns. There’s a featured post that gives you the discount code to get a huge 40% off my PDFs everyday. It would make me so happy to get more members soon.

Anyway. I hope you’re all sewing up a storm.

Love Nancy xx ❤️